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Florida Flamingos

Getting back to my Florida roots with this one. Caught this photo from my sis-in-laws post while scrolling on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t pass up painting these vibrant birds just chillaxing by the pond. Reminds me of those hot and steamy Florida days at the zoo.....yes, decades ago! Wanting so badly to jump in and cool off in that water with them!

Acrylic on 12x24x1.5" Gallery wrapped canvas - satin finish


Click here for close up pictures of this painting


Here's the original painting is more pinky/red than orange. But I'm okay with that!


This painting came together pretty quickly for me, which is not often the case. I did take some artistic licenses with a few things, i.e. - some color choices and I omitted the fellow on the left. Let me know what you think!



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