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Sooo this is me -

My first embarrassing attempts (with my 48 year old self) at selfies and a blog wow! Feeling a bit nervous and exposed. But good and terrified, and good...did I say good? For the record, I am not a writer. Hell, I’m barely a painter, but I am a human that is forever trying. I am more of a painter than business person, for sure. Which will be extremely evident as this blog continues. I struggle with consistency but hopefully make up for it with creativity and humor. I promise I will keep trying and failing and learning!

I am a mom of two (mostly) self- sufficient teenage girls and wife of a very logical accountant. I come from a massive family as the 9th kid out of 12, raised among what seemed like the most wealthy peeps and those that worked for them, in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was definitely in the latter crew! Currently, I'm an artist, in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia...trying to get my footing. Attempting to be brave and put my art out into the world and make a few bucks to help with college expenses.

On a forever quest try to avoid a job that would require me to spend hours in a cubicle. For any cubicle peeps out there - hats off to you my friends! I have been there, I see you and feel you, and do not wish to return to those three soul-less partitions.

I love to paint. I love bright colors and I love faces. All kinds of getting lost in the process of studying all the features of a reference photo that make the person or pet uniquely them. I love mixing and experimenting with color, and brush strokes to hopefully capture a bit of the person or pet I'm painting. I do enjoy painting pretty much anything, however I am drawn to master the "portrait". Not gonna lie, its always a great ego boost when I client recognizes their loved one in something I had so much fun creating.

My goal for this blog is to give some back story. Back story of my paintings AND a little back story of my journey in running my teeny tiny business. Also, included will be my occasional crippling insecurity and hopefully a few successes! Thank you for stopping by and coming along for the ride...


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